Positive Impact CPD Program

Through Positive Impact pharmacists receive a selection of CPD courses to assist with their continuing professional development (CPD) requirements. In this way, pharmacists can plan their training programme a year in advance. Positive Impact CPD takes into consideration professional, leadership, and soft skills development. This gives the pharmacist the opportunity to develop in every sphere of their work environment. 

December 2018 CPD Course

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Common disorders of the inner ear

Audience: Pharmacists and Pharmacists Assistants

This CPD module, the first of two on ear problems, looks at the inner ear. By completing these modules, you will be equipped to provide advice on conditions involving the ears, counsel patients on the management of these conditions (including any self-help measures that may be beneficial) and be able to identify those who need referring on for more expert advice.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this module, you will have a better understanding of:

  • Common disorders of the inner ear, 
  • How to summarise the distinguishing features of each condition, 
  • Management options and any potential complications that could arise. 
  • Be more prepared when patients and customers approach you for advice and management options for these inner ear problems

Common disorders of the outer and middle ear

Audience: Pharmacists and Pharmacists Assistants

Medical knowledge and skills have developed so much over the past few decades that doctors have by necessity become ever more specialised. Twenty to 30 years ago, a patient with an ear problem that couldn’t be managed by a GP would have been referred to an ENT specialist, but nowadays the GP will check that the otolaryngologist has a sub-specialism in otology, or perhaps even neurotology if the condition is deep in the middle or inner ear and more closely linked to the brain.

Course Objectives:

This module will help you understand:

  • common disorders of the outer and middle ear. 

  • the features of each condition, 

  • the management options and possible complications if the problem is left unchecked and continues to worsen. 

  • How to counsel patients who present a prescription, ask for an OTC recommendation or seek advice for any of these problems.

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